The Victims

In the years 1663-1664 three major witchtrials took place in the Lindheim Townhall,

Apr 30, l663-June 12,1663

June 17,1663-Aug.25,1663 and

Dec.27,1663-March 1,1664

Totally 19 persons, both women and men, were accused of witchcraft and sentenced

to death by hanging, burning or beheading.

EXECUTIONS: ( click names for details)June 12,l663 Katharina Reuneg, Anna Reuneg, Elisabeth Metzler, Anna Euler, Katharina Meurer, Margarethe Schneider (wife of Andreas) June 17,l663 The wife of Balthasar Ellroth Aug.25,l663 Margarethe Kuhn (Bäcker-Margreth),the wife of Heinrich Brack, Heinrich and Maria Leschier, Katharina Weber, Margarethe Schneider (wife of Hans), Johann Reuneg, Klaus Esch, Hans Pöppel March 1,l664 Philipp Reuneg, the wife of Friedrich Rullmann, Martha Schüler (Febr.23 acc. to HÖLKER and Oeser)  

Memorial tablet inside the Witch Tower over the victims of the witch hunt in Lindheim       


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